Know About Us

Startups Advisor (by Industrial Infotech) operates legal activities and works fastest way to help those who seek legal action / Consultation. We are entirely a team of 50+ legal professionals and business professional experts who act accordingly favouring the peoples who need legal help and or licenses for their business and for reaching out to us for that. We tend to do such professionalized work that benefits our clients in their business profession because satisfied clients are our main aim of serving. In other words “Our Customer is our priority.”


We are a team of professional business advisor and experienced advocates who value their duties and responsibilities towards clients. "If a team has to reach its potential each member needs to be professional, willing to subordinate his/her personal goals to the good of the team". We understand the effect the of law violations, such crimes severely affect the financial condition of clients and security of those who need protections at most, affecting not only their lives of their families and communities. They need guidance properly and proper


Startups Advisor (by Industrial Infotech) aims on happy customers and their satisfaction. We provide the clients and effortlessly professionalized work through our Legal advisors and business advisors. We desire for happy faces of our clients which are outcomes of our endless effort and success, the hope and faith of our clients gives us relief and belief to move forward with such confidence and hard work in the field. We always raised efforts for every individual whom we are serving. We like to keep the trust of customers and functioning with it is our main prospective. We have built an active and professional environment where all are committed and ready to perform the activity which is required by the firm. Our Firm aims on the requirements of clients and providing them satisfying results. We perform all our level best and effortlessly for the clients and always try to benefits them in all ways, happy faces of our clients and their Satisfaction is our main aim. We always put efforts to build a strong network between us and our clients.