(GST) Goods and Services Tax is a unified, multi-stage and consumption based tax charged on manufacture, trade, and consumption of goods and services. It replaces all the existing national and state tax systems like VAT, Service Tax, Entertainment Tax, Excise Duty, to name a few It eliminates the flowing effect of tax-on-tax which is
dominating at present. GST is applicable to those who are into manufacturing, trade, e-commerce or services. There are GST consultants available in the market who can assist you better.

Startups Advisor serves as high utility-based GST software India, which has these below-mentioned features :

  • Invoice management, including bulk upload of invoices, invoice validation and integration with ERP/ Accounting Software.
  • Reconciliation, including pre & post-filing reconciliation, automated reconciliation of Inward/Outward Supplies.
  • Return filing, including Automated Return Filings and GST Return preparations. Thus, it serves as the best GST return software in the country.
  • Dashboard & reports, including an integrated view of fillings, tax liability and payment view and analytics and trends.
  • Miscellaneous, email alerts with appropriate escalations, DSC & E-Sign preparation
  • User Management, including Multi GSTIN access control, Multi-user control

Our GST software simplifies GST return filing. Know the benefits below :

What are the advantages of GST ?

benefits to consumer

  • Single yet transparent tax: Only one single tax from the manufacturer to the consumer.
  • Relief in whole tax load: The whole tax burden on commodities will automatically come down, which is beneficial to consumers.

benefits to Central and State Governments

  • Easy to manage/direct: Several indirect taxes at the Central and State levels are replaced by GST. GST would be simpler and easier to administer, unlike other indirect taxes.
  • Controls on leakage: GST will result in better tax compliance due to a strong IT infrastructure.
  • High revenue: GST can cut the cost of collection of tax revenues of the govt., which will lead to higher revenue efficiency.

The benefits of GST for business and industry

  • Ease of doing business: A strong and comprehensive IT system would be the foundation of the GST regime in India. All the registrations, returns, payments, etc. will be available to the taxpayers online and make businesses compliance easy.
  • Uniformity of tax rates: Under GST, uniformity in tax rates and procedures will go a long way. GST would make doing business in the country tax neutral, irrespective of the choice of business place
  • Minimal cascading of taxes: Under GST, there will be smooth tax-credits, less cascading & hidden costs of doing business.
  • Affordability:Fall in transaction prices of doing business would lead to a better competitiveness.

We offers GST consulting services to the taxpayer masses for complying with the new Goods and Services Tax (GST) rules, which is making the GST rollout easy yet convenient for all the stakeholders.